How to scare your brother or sister (featured in the iPad app)

I thought this would be a fun addition to the storybook. Within the iPad app, when the child press the button (to catch a dragonfly) the Monster Fish makes a surprise visit! Monster Fishes do eat insects after all My […] Review – 4.5 stars!

The first review for The Monster Fish (iPad app) gets a 5 star rating.  Many thanks to the folks at for the thoughtful review. See theimum review here. The iMums: “Reviews by mothers of little gadget lovers” review (read it […] Review – 5 stars!

The first review for The Monster Fish (iPad app) gets a 5 star rating.  Many thanks to the folks at for the thoughtful review. See the iPhone Mom review here. goal: “Our goal is to provide practical reviews for […]

Squeeze Games is a Proud Member of Moms With Apps

First-of-its-kind destination launches giving parents the power to find best apps for their kids Squeeze Games of Toronto, Ontario, Canada is a proud member Toronto, Ontario, Canada– Squeeze Games is proud to be a part of Moms With Apps – […]

‘The Monster Fish’ Animated Storybook App (for the iPad) – App Store Launch

Just in time for spring, ‘The Monster Fish’ Animated Storybook (for iPad) has launched in the App Store. Download on the App Store. Here’s the App Store description: I created ‘The Monster Fish Storybook App’ with a goal to engage, […]

‘The Monster Fish’ – now a Kindle Edition e-book

I’m excited to announce that ‘The Monster Fish’ – now for sale as a Kindle Edition e-book.  You have to start somewhere and this is where ‘the Wenders’ series of storybooks begins, the first publication with many more to come!

Live Demo of ‘The Monster Fish’ animated storybook app

This is a preview of the yet-to-be published iPad storybook app. The video is a look at how the storybook plays on the iPad.  It’s not the full book but it will give you show you how it looks and sounds […]

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‘The Monster Fish’ actual screen grabs from the iPad app

‘The Monster Fish' animated storybook app for iPad is for children 4 - 7 years old.   The Story: The Wenders family are on a summer camping vacation in a beautiful national park where they experience a truly weird and wonderful [...]

‘Frozen-in-Time’ Animation?

So what exactly is ‘frozen-in-time’ animation?  Well, basically it’s an animation technique that delivers an immersive experience to the viewer.   To explain further, think of standing in a forest or sitting still in a canoe.  You are not moving […]

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Terms of Service for   Introduction Welcome to This website is owned and operated by Squeeze Games. By visiting our website and accessing the information, resources, services, products, and tools we provide, you understand and agree to accept and […]